Links    The top Mini Magazine, for which Iain Ayre is the North American correspondent   Iain Ayre’s personal site dealing with car design, dog food, wicked-fast Cobra lookalikes etc   Jeroen Booij’s fascinating site about Mini derivatives   Home of the Spring Thaw and other classic BC road trip events    MiniResto’s sister site concerning classics and restorations   The worldwide club for low-budget but high-amusement classic-Mini-only events   Vancouver BC’s Mini club, of which Iain Ayre is currently the Deputy Prime MINIster, so he’s in charge of the raffle tickets Minitec in Georgia, USA have much fun making kits for jamming Honda engines into Minis Specialist car book publisher with the taste and vision to include Iain Ayre in their stable of authors Film about MMinis on DVD by post worldwide – check out their list of titles